Seminar Recap: The 13 Commandments (Principles) of Financial Planning

Are you financially solvent but need help taking your plan to the next level?

Some people make decisions using ‘industry guidelines,’ ‘gut instinct,’ or ‘rules of thumb.’ While these methods may work at times, an organized strategy is far more reliable.

Access Wealth Planning hosted this seminar to help educate attendees on a step-by-step approach that can help build a cohesive and actionable plan.

The seminar covered:

  • How to organize your financial life and gain confidence about your future
  • How to set and achieve realistic financial goals
  • How to implement smart strategies for managing credit, mortgages, education and tax obligations
  • What steps to take to secure a successful retirement – regardless of how near or far it may be
  • How to create an intelligent and portfolio that will work effectively

Download the Seminar Summary

Download the 13 Principles of Financial Planning.

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