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Planning for your future is the next best thing to knowing your future
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A little about our clients
Our client base is diverse and includes a focus on retirees seeking comfort and independence as they enter their golden years, families and individuals intent on protecting and increasing their assets, and entrepreneurs and executives motivated to increase their compensation and properly allocate their portfolio.
We work closely with Baby Boomers and those who wish to establish solid trust relationships with planners whom they can grow with over time. Ultimately, whether you are investing and planning for the first time, or reevaluating an existing portfolio, you receive the same high level of care and attention, with a scalable plan that grows with you as your situation changes.

What our clients deserve, expect, and receive
Our clients report that working with Access Wealth Planning helps them:

  • Gain control over their lives;
  • Understand what opportunities are available to them;
  • Receive guidance when life changing events occur;
  • Define a road map that will help them achieve their desired personal and financial goals; and
  • Monitor their progress and direction.

The Access Wealth Planning pledge
We can’t predict the stock market or guarantee that life will always go your way, but we can commit to being by your side through it all. As an Access Wealth Planning client, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • An Advisor who listens to what you want and helps identify what you need;
  • Viable options for attaining your personal and financial objectives;
  • Ample choices and recommendations, and as much time as you require, so that you understand your options and their impact on your personal and financial life;
  • Hands-on implementation and monitoring of all aspects of your recommended plan;
  • Access to your Advisor and the entire Access Wealth Planning team throughout the year;
  • Quarterly benchmarking of your plan’s performance and one-on-one conversations so you’ll always understand what the reports mean; and
  • Automatic revision of your plan any time your circumstances or goals change.

The Access Wealth Planning advisors are fully committed to helping you maintain and protect your financial future during every stage of your life. To learn how we can help, call 973-740-2400 to speak with an Advisor or email us for more information.

Planning for your future is the next best thing to knowing your future.