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Investment Management is a key component of Wealth Management. View it as an important piece of the puzzle that represents your financial life.

Our financial planners and investment Advisors specialize in developing financial models and investment strategies for the client who is interested in long-term investing. We don’t devise short-sighted strategies in an attempt to “make a quick buck.” Instead, our philosophy and practice is to develop long-term carefully planned strategies that will help clients to attain security and stability.

At Access, we utilize the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory of Asset Allocation (MPT).“MPT” utilizes advanced technology to provide the highest return for the least amount of risk, adjusted to the individual’s risk tolerance and objectives. “MPT” calculates variables such as “standard deviation,” “co-efficient,” and “co-variance” to design portfolios that perform well in both good and bad markets.

The goal of diversification is not simply to have many different investments, but to combine complementary investments. A well diversified portfolio consists of asset classes that are not closely correlated to each other. For example, real estate investments may go up when blue chip stocks are going down. The addition of less correlated assets to a portfolio is designed to produce a more stable overall portfolio, and to spare clients the roller coaster ride that is associated with emotional extremes and poor decision making.

It is important to note that we are an independent investment advisor, having no proprietary products. That means that our sole objective is to provide the best possible portfolio advice for each of our clients.
A Process You Can Rely On
Your experience begins with an Advisor talking with you and listening to you, evaluating your financial position, and then developing a properly diversified investment plan that is best suited to your risk tolerance levels, time horizon, and investment goals.

We then implement your customized plan by placing investments with independent managers who have been identified as offering the highest quality investment opportunities and service. Our in-house investment committee keeps a close eye on things, monitoring the investment’s performance, as well as the performance of the fmanagers.

Finally, periodically throughout the year, we re-balance, re-allocate, and carefully monitor the ongoing performance of your portfolio and the individual fund managers. We take great care to work with you as your life circumstances change, providing alternate recommendations whenever necessary.

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"Planning for your future is the next best thing to knowing your future."

All Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy such as asset allocation, diversification or the use of Modern Portfolio Theory, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Investors should understand that investing in strategies that are non-correlated to the stock and bond markets are not without risk. There can be no assurance that these investments will outperform asset classes correlated to the stock and bond markets. In addition, rebalancing investments may cause investors to incur transaction costs and, when rebalancing a non-retirement account, taxable events will be created that may increase your tax liability.  


Please note that individual situations can vary.  Therefore, the information presented here should only be relied upon when coordinated with individual professional advice.