Access Wealth Planning LLC
Access Wealth Planning is an independent Wealth Management firm that has been helping clients grow and preserve their wealth during its 25 year history.  Our success is evidenced by the fact that our client roster includes second and third generation family members; we take great pride in these relationships and care deeply about our clients’ personal and financial goals and desires.  We work closely with them to personalize investment strategies and financial plans that help them increase their wealth, reduce their risk, and enjoy their retirement.
How we work
Our only loyalty is to our clients. As your advocate, we are completely independent and unbiased when developing your comprehensive plan. We advise you on products and services that are in your best interest and applicable to your individual situation.  Furthermore, to ensure that we are considering every possibility, we also make it a practice to talk with your existing professional service team, should you desire.
Building a comprehensive plan is not enough. The most successful plans are those that are augmented and revised each year or as needed, and implemented properly and consistently. With an in-depth understanding of your financial life, your Advisor will help you assess your situation and plan for the future. You can feel confident the following will be discussed:
  • What you will need to enjoy a comfortable retirement;
  • How different circumstances affect your income, expenses, and overall cash flow;
  • Forecasts and projections you can rely on;
  • Tax implications and estate planning opportunities; and
  • Investment opportunities, goals, and risk tolerance.

Meet the team
Our professional team is comprised of some of the most highly credentialed planners and advisors in the industry. The team includes Certified Financial Planners (CFPs™), Personal Financial Specialists (PFSs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Master of Business Administration (MBAs) with a specialty in taxes, and Accredited Asset Management Specialists (AAMs). Being of various ages and backgrounds, they draw on a rich diversity of experiences and resources which, when added to our team approach, provides clients with different perspectives that can make the difference for your financial plan. Read about our Advisors.
To learn more about how we can assist you and your family, call 973-740-2400 or email us to speak with an Access Wealth Planning Advisor.