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The Advisor (published each winter and summer)

Winter 2017

  • The Difference Between ‘Workers’ and ‘Speculators’
  • IRAs, 401(k)s: To Roth or Not to Roth
  • Taking a Look at 2016 Will Offer Insight into 2017

Summer 2016

  • The Better Investment: Stock Market or Real Estate?
  • Concentration Risk and Inflation Risk
  • More Boomers Are Renting Instead of Buying

Winter 2016

  • How Do You Know if You Have Enough to Retire?
  • Seize the Day: A Financial Resolution That Makes a Difference!
  • What Can You Learn From The Millionaire?
  • Determining if You Have Enough to Retire

Summer 2015

  • Court's Decision Impacts Financial Decisions for Same-Sex Couples
  • Protecting Investors with Cognitive Issues
  • Estate Planning: Important for All Families

Winter 2015

  • Answering the Retirement Planning Challenge
  • New Planning Opportunities for Same-Sex Couples
  • Investment Opportunities Explored: A seminar synopsis

Summer 2014

  • What Can You Do When You're Forced to Retire But Can't Afford to Stop Working?
  • 'The Talk' Needs to be Before the Wedding
  • Little-Noticed Signs Can Give Clues to Financial Markets

Winter 2014

  • Are You Playing It Too Safe with Your Investments?
  • When It Comes to Investing, Better to Be Humble
  • Drawing Sustainable Income (part 3)

Summer 2013

  • It's All About Creating the Right Balance
  • Strategy Needed for Long-Term Care Increases
  • Learn How to Draw Sustainable Retirement Income (Part 1)

Winter 2013

  • The Baby Boomer's Dilemma: Do You Help Out Your Kids?
  • A Will May Not Always Reflect Your Wishes
  • Do You Fear a Shortfall in Retirement Income?

Financial Advice for the Baby Boomer(published each fall and spring)

Fall 2016

  • Best Defense Against Scams? Common Sense.
  • Explaining the New NJ Estate Tax Law
  • Military Veterans are Eligible for Various Benefits and Services
  • Protecting a Loved One’s Finances

Spring 2016

  • Why are these People Happy? Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Do You Suffer from Chrometophobia?
  • Putting In a Retirement Income Floor

Fall 2015

  • Need to Examine Benefits of Employee vs. Independent Contractor
  • Keeping the Ride from Becoming Turbulent
  • Planning to Retire? Don’t Forget About Inflation

Spring 2015

  • When Marriage and Business Partners Split Up
  • Record Retention: To Shred Or Not to Shred
  • Will You Run Out of Money?

Fall 2014

  • New Tax Law Can Have Implications on Roth IRA
  • Figuring Out What Financial Independence Means
  • Strategies to Prevent a Shortfall in Retirement Income

Spring 2014

  • How Much Money Will You Need to Retire?
  • Does Hair Color Matter on a Financial Advisor?
  • Make Sure You Get All the Facts

Fall 2013

  • Seeing What You Want to See
  • Roadmaps to Financial Independence Offered
  • Drawing Sustainable Retirement Income (part 2)
  • Coping with an Unexpected Layoff

Spring 2013

  • 'Gray Divorce' Poses a New Set of Hurdles
  • 'Glide Path' Illusion and Investing for Retirement
  • A Solution to the Retirement Funding Conundrum
  • Survey: Boomers Know They Haven't Saved Enough for Retirement