Who We Serve

There are several common “life-events” that prompt the need to take stock of one’s financial life. A great many clients get serious about financial planning when retirement comes into view. We work with trusts, owners who are preparing to sell their business or practice, as well as many individuals and couples who are planning to retire or who are already retired, developing an income strategy that helps them balance their need for financial security with the desire to meet their personal spending goals. We can also work with an estate planning attorney to help plan for one's legacy.

Other clients come to us while in transition, perhaps in the middle of re-evaluating or changing jobs or careers. Some are contemplating, or in the process of, getting a divorce, or perhaps have had one recently.

In other instances, newly engaged or married couples, or young families, are planning for the purchase of a home or the birth or adoption of a child. As part of our intergenerational family wealth planning service, we even talk with new graduates who may want to better understand how to start their careers on the right financial footing.

Additionally, many people approach us after a change in their financial circumstances. Some examples include:

  • Inheritance
  • Significant signing or performance bonus
  • Major investment gain (or loss)
  • Sale or dissolution of a business
  • Promotion or the loss of a job
  • Sale of a major asset, such as real estate
  • Being named a Trustee of a trust with assets to manage

Each of these life events and circumstances brings with it change, and the need to adapt and plan. Everyone has goals -- some financial, some personal. They are inextricably linked. A thoughtful conversation with one of our caring professionals can help you identify ways to achieve all of those goals. The core of our value proposition is the relationship of trust that we seek to develop, and it underpins the value and satisfaction our clients derive from every aspect of working with us.

Everyday people from all walks of life who recognize the value of talking through their situation with a qualified financial professional… those are the clients we are grateful to have today. And those are the clients we want to attract.